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"The One That Works" Activated Carbon Refill

"The One That Works" Activated Carbon Refill

$ 83.00

'The One That Works' filters all of the air in a press room through 8 lbs of activated carbon. The activated carbon acts like tiny magnets that attract chemical fumes and odors. This magnetic action is called absorption and makes activated carbon the most effective means of purifying the air. The washable dust filter, traps dust, odors, pollens, and filters particles as small as one micron.

The Activated Carbon for 'The One That Works' should be changed every 4 or 6 months depending on multiple variables. You will notice that the fumes and odor are no longer being controlled, or are not adequately reduced due the fact that the Activated Carbon has become saturated with chemical and fumes.

Style:  Single Carbon Replacement For "The One That Works" Room Air Purifier
Model:  APP-A-CF

• Meets or Exceeds OSHA Standards
• Qualifies For Three Zone Salon Certification with PROMO Package

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