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Prestige Classic 2100

Prestige Classic 2100

$ 924.00 

The Prestige Classic 2100 is one of the world’s largest selling and cost effective automatic autoclaves. Sold in 80 countries, it has gained an enviable reputation for reliability, durability and quality. As a commitment to this quality, each unit comes with a Lifetime Guarantee on its heating element and is issued with a test certificate showing the temperature time cycle.Additional Features:Mechanical interlock system prevents lid from being removed while pressure remains in the chamberGasket offset device prevents pressure build up if lid is not correctly fittedNet weight of 10 lbs and chamber size of approximately 8" x 9" makes the 2100 ideal for most sterilization applicationsSimple 1-step operation starts the fully automatic cycleLight sequence indicators show "power to the unit", "cycle in progress", "sterilization cycle complete"Electronic detectors turn off power if there is insufficient water chargeApplication Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) is used to improve performance and reliability

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