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Healthy Air® Nail Source Capture System with LED Light

Healthy Air® Nail Source Capture System with LED Light

$ 915.00

• Meets or Exceeds OSHA Standards
• Qualifies For Three Zone Salon Certification with PROMO Package

Salon Air Ventilation Removes Salon Fumes, Nail Dust & Chemical Vapors. Dual Exhaust System 2 Nail Station Coverage with HealthyAir Technology.

Source Capture System with   Technology

  • Available with One or Two Exhaust arms for user with multiple tables
  • NEW Integrated Filter Module technology that combines a High Dust Prefilter, eHEPA® Filter For Removing the Finest Nail Dust Particles and an Activated Carbon Filter to aid hazardous chemical removal in one easy to change cube
  • Patented eHEPA® technology with Enhanced Carbon Catalytic Filtration developed at MIT captures dust and destroys chemical odors, bacteria, viruses, and does not allow reproduction of microbes on the filter media
  • 3 Speed High Flow Fan
  • Electronic Control Panel with Remote Wireless Control
  • Easy & Convenient one-piece Integrated Filter Module for easy filter changes and maintenance
  • Optional rectangle extraction hood to lay flat on table
  • Notification for filter change
  • Portable with wheels for easy relocation at no extra charge
  • Exceeds OSHA requirements
  • Available in Black, White or Gray Colors 
  • Quiet Operation Noise (dB) at 6 ft. (Setting: High/56 Medium/52 Low/51)
  • Integrated LED lighting
We have consulted with hundreds of nails professionals and incorporated their input into our new Nails Source Capture System. Highly effective, affordable, extremely user friendly, and yes, quiet! The next generation of salon ventilation has arrived!

The salon air quality control measures we have developed include Healthy Air® Technology to remove salon nail dust and chemical vapors from nail technician & client’s breathing zones.

The Nail Source Capture System with Healthy Air® Technology has an optional second exhaust arm for dual-table use, built on wheels for ultimate portability and an easy to change one piece Intergrated Filter Module. Nail Source Capture Systems are also available with Single Exhaust Arm.


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