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12 Nov '15

Warts in the Salon

Posted by Crystal Pike

A salon environment is a place that your health should come first. While it is beyond the scope of a service provider to treat or diagnose a medical condition, they should be trained in bringing a concern to your attention. Covering up an issue is not professional and could lead to liablity issues. If your nail tech suggests you seek medical advice, please do so before your next appointment. Let the physician know that your nail tech asked you to seek medical advice so they know you are visiting a salon that puts your health first.


"Clients expect nail techs to identify and recommend treatment for a wide variety of nail disorders and diseases. Though this expectation is understandable, techs are constrained legally, limited to beautifying the nail and leaving the rest to those with a medical degree. However, it’s important for your sake and the safety of your clients to recognize potential problems — even if you have to tread carefully when you’re talking with your clients about how to fix them. Warts may be one of those problems."

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